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Course Curriculum

Chapter 0: How to use EdXenos?
1. How to use EdXenos on Desktop PC or Laptop? 00:09:00
2. How to use EdXenos on Mobile Phones? 00:10:00
Chapter 1: Innovation and Invention
1. What is Innovation and Invention? 00:04:00
Chapter 2: Types of Entrepreneurship
2. Types of Entrepreneurship 00:04:00
Chapter 3: What is MVP?
3. What is MVP? 00:05:00
Chapter 4: Angel Investors Vs Venture Capitalist
4. Angel Investors Vs Venture Capitalist 00:08:00
Chapter 5: StartUp Essentials
5. StartUp Essentials 00:08:00
Chapter 6: How to Pitch to Investors
6. How to Pitch to Investors 00:07:00
Chapter 7: Talking to Users
7. Talking to Users 00:06:00
Chapter 8: When to Fund Raise?
8. When to Fund Raise? 00:07:00
Chapter 9: Business Canvas Model
9. Business Canvas Model 00:12:00
Chapter 10: Patents
10. Patents 00:08:00
Entrepreneurship 101 Final Quiz 00:20:00

Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    All the essential prerequisites to be known for a budding entrepreneur is compiled in this course. Definitely make a peep through to know hows and whats of entrepreneurial regard.

  2. 5

    what a wonderful course on entrepreneurship sir, we never seen a free class on entrepreneurship sir, i have learned many technical terms in business or entrepreneur, Thankyou sir and team creating an platform for us

  3. What a session!!!


    Thank you very much for such magnificent course and making it available for students like us…for free of cost…the session was very good and hope to learn more in further…learned alot…!!!
    Thank you for the speaker Dr.M K. Kaushik sir…for your exceptional knowledge…
    -Saniya Samreen

  4. Appriciation and Thanking


    I am so thankful for sharing your knowledge and creating a path to move ahead further in my carrier as an entreprenuer.

  5. 5

    Thank you to share your knowledge to us sir

  6. Good and best course of entrepreneurship


    Explanation about each one the topics related to entrepreneurship were relatable and understandable.

  7. Aniket..


    Best video.. And gain for more knowledge

  8. Good


    Explaing with examples that makes very easy to understand thank you sir

  9. Short and sweet about Entrepreneurship


    Clean nd crisp explanation, very well teached

  10. Great work from a great Mind...


    I love the course, its purely informational with realtime examples…
    thanks for your work sir, it’s important for every individual who aspires to be an entrepreneur to know these details, I am glad to come across this course, thank u sir …

  11. 5

    Very good one sir. Thank you.


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